Category: Confined Space Entry

(see also; Environmental, Haz Com and Personal Equipment)


T069 - Once Too Many - Confined Space Entry

When entering a confined space, a few basic safety procedures will ensure a healthy exit. The rules for entering a confined space are outlined.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish, Russian

Key Training Points: safety rules - buddy system - oxygen content - atmosphere test


T208 - Permit Required - Confined Space

More dangerous than the expanse of outer space are the mysterious "Confined Spaces" here on earth. Learn how to "come back alive" from inner space. Know the categories and examples of confined spaces, how to be aware of certain atmospheric conditions within a confined space, and what OSHA requires of employers with respect to confined spaces.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: OSHA requirements - hazards - alternatives - responsibilities


T212 - High-Risk Rescue

Approximately 60% of all confined-space fatalities are rescuers. Viewers are made aware of the hazards in a confined space, the proper equipment required to effect a rescue and the fact that only trained rescuers should ever attempt a rescue. Attendant duties are also shown.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish, Russian / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: hazards - procedures - training - attendant duties


T288 - Whose Job Is It Anyway? - Confined Space

Confined spaces pose many hazards to entrants, as well as to would-be rescuers. It's important that all affected employees, entry supervisors, entrants, and attendants, know, in advance, what is expected of them at any given time and in any given situation.

Tone: Drama / Language: English

Key Training Points: emergency procedures - signs - symptoms and consequences of exposure - attendant duties


T315 Limited Spaces: Attics, Basements and Crawl Spaces

Blindly entering limited spaces such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces can be very dangerous. Plan for hazards ahead of time, and be prepared to take appropriate precautions.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English

Key Training Points: potential hazards - proper dress - safe work practices - handling tools & equipment