Category: Drugs and Alcohol

T061 - Just A Little Nip - Substance Abuse

Nearly half of all industrial accidents involve substance abuse and its adverse effects. Contribute to the solution, not the problem. Don't tolerate it!

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Closed, Open

Key Training Points: costs to society - statistics - responsibility


T073 - Cocaine: The Ticking Clock

Each year, drug abuse costs American businesses more than $100 billion. A zero tolerance cocaine policy in the workplace is explained.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: costs to society - effect on alertness - adopting a policy - risks of prison terms


T144 - Drug Addiction - Intervention

Drug addiction robs productivity and ruins lives. What can you do to intervene if you or someone you know is chemically dependent.

Tone: Drama / Language: English

Key Training Points: intervention - rehabilitation - addiction


T192 - DWI: Save A Life

Drunk driving hurts or kills a million people a year. Learn how you can help win the battle for our highways to be a safer place to drive.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: determining factors - avoiding drunk driving


T210 - RX For Safety

Careless use of prescription drugs can be dangerous. "Drugbusters" tell us why we should take our medicine seriously. Workers are warned not to stop early, to double up or to take medicine other than when prescribed. Individuals are cautioned against mixing prescriptions with other pills, alcohol or drugs. They are encouraged to report any problems with prescription drugs that may affect their work.

Tone: Humorous / Language: English

Key Training Points: prescription drugs can distort clear thinking and coordination - report problems


T241 - Drug Testing

Many organizations employ drug testing to protect employees from unsafe conditions. It is done fairly and randomly and under routine circumstances. Employee cooperation and understanding of the methods applied will help keep the work environment safe.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English

Key Training Points: drug-related costs to industry - testing


T304 - Hapless Hal And The Temple of Doom

Use of drugs and alcohol can be very dangerous, especially if taken while on the job or before driving. These substances affect judgement and reduce ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination. Approximately half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related.

Tone: Humorous / Language: English

Key Training Points: coordination and concentration - impairment - drinking and driving


T337 - Drugs in the Workplace: The Straight Story

It is estimated that over 8 million American workers use illicit drugs. These workers have more absenteeism and more accidents than those who are drug free. Also, illicit drug users are less productive, functioning at less than 70 percent of capacity. Drug users may ultimately lose their jobs, their health, and their family and friends because of their habits.

Tone: Dramatization Language: English

Key Training Points: Types of drugs - Drug hazards - Drug use at work