Category: Electrical Safety


T015 - Electrical Burns

Electrical burns can result from unsafe equipment or carelessness. Using actual situations, safety procedures and first aid treatment are shown.
Revised 05.04

Tone: Graphic / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: cutting off power source - check vital signs - victim movement - first aid


T017 - Shock Hazards - Power Tools

Improperly used or maintained power tools can injure or kill. Learn simple ways to prevent electric shock from power tools.

Tone: Drama / Language: English / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: footwear - GFCI - tool inspection - grounding - flammables


T018 - A Welcome Interruption - GFCI

Ground faults are the most common cause of electrical shock. The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter prevents electrical shock and satisfies regulatory rules concerning protecting employees from ground-fault electrical shock. Learn how it can save you from a "shocking" interruption in your work or your life!
Revised 05.04

Tone: Humorous / Language: English, Spanish, Japanese / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: function - uses


T059 - A Shocking Experience - Shock Hazards

Electrical hazards pose a danger at home, as well as in the workplace. A ghostly review of proper safety precautions for working with and around electricity is presented.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: ladders - breakers - current


T063 - Tag, You're It - Lock Out / Tag Out

Shutting down and locking out machinery prior to making repairs is an important safety procedure. Lock out/ tag out procedures are shown.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Closed, Open

Key Training Points: definition - procedures - responsibility - locks and tags


T155 - Zap! - Power Line Safety

Power lines are like snakes, silent, but deadly. We need to be aware of power lines, above and below the ground. Know how to avoid this danger and what to do in an electrical emergency.

Tone: Drama / Language: English

Key Training Points: machinery contact - voltage - grounding - downed lines


T216 - Lock Out / Tag Out Hazardous Energy Sources

Equipment scheduled to be worked on needs to be "Locked Out" and/or "Tagged Out" so that it will not "operate" while it is being maintained or serviced to protect those performing that work. Procedures and reasons for using Lock Out / Tag Out are shown. Who should be authorized to do it and undo it is discussed, as well as when and why it is needed.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish, Russian / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: whys and when's - who and when


T274 - Electrical Safe Work Practices: Locking and Tagging

Anytime you risk exposure to energized equipment or circuits, you can help protect yourself by first isolating the energy source and ensuring continued isolation with a lock and warning tag.

Tone: Graphic / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: locks and tags - stored energy - employee notification


T284 - Portable Generators

While portable generators allow you to "take your power with you", safety dictates that you can't take that power for granted. To prevent accidents, it's important to be aware of these hazards, and to follow safe operating procedures at all times.

Tone: Humorous / Language: English

Key Training Points: shock protection - re-fueling - location


T336 - Danger: High Voltage

Do you know what "Danger: High Voltage" means? It means that contact with or dangerous proximity to high voltage electrical systems can cause serious injury or even death. Always exercise extreme caution when working on or near high voltage electrical lines or equipment.

Tone: Dramatization Language: English

Key Training Points: Shock hazards - Electric arc hazards - Minimum approach distances - Safe work practices.


T347 - Understanding Electricity

Whatever your job is, you probably depend on electricity to provide services you need. But do you ever give any thought to the dangers electricity presents? Learn steps you can take to stop potential electrical hazards before they stop you.

Actuality/Graphic / Language: English

Key Training Points: How electricity works / Causes of shock / Fire hazards / Safety tips