Category: Emergency Planning


T122 - Natural Disaster Preparedness

Fear of a disaster such as a hurricane can be minimized by planning. The viewer is taken into a hurricane-prone plant and is shown how planning pays off.

Tone:Actuality / Language: English

Key Training Points: disaster types - disaster plans - check lists - preparation


T163 - I Plan To Live - Emergency Planning

The friendly but accident-prone planet of Infernia is about to destroy itself. They have no idea what to do in an emergency. Observe an Emergency Action Plan... in action.

Tone: Humorous / Language: English / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: warnings - employee account responsibility lists - responsibility assignments - evacuation


T206 - Warning Blast

The importance of a properly implemented employee warning system is shown. Suggestions on how certain types of alarms can save lives, equipment and prevent injury are offered.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Russian

Key Training Points: alarms for disabled - company size - activation - emergency

T349 Emergency Evacuations from Multi-Story Buildings

Emergency evacuations from multi-story buildings pose special hazards to occupants and visitors. Prepare yourself by knowing, in advance, procedures to follow in the event of a fire, bomb threat, significant chemical spill or other emergency that requires evacuation from buildings that are several stories tall or higher.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English

Key training points: Building evacuation plans / Emergency preparedness / Safe egress and exit / Emergency evacuations for persons with disabilities