Category: Eye Safety

T035 - Slag Injuries To The Eye

When thrown into the eye, even the smallest particle can do great harm. People are reminded of the need for proper eye protection.
Revised 05.04

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: particle removal - protective gear - help


T106 - Keeping It In Focus

Wearing contact lenses can bring changes in how things are seen. Workers who wear contact lenses in the workplace need to be aware of special safety considerations.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: uses - benefits - inappropriate uses


T117 - Flashburn

Flashburn to the eye can result when ultraviolet rays emitted by an arc welder are absorbed into the eye's cornea. Viewers are shown the damaging effects of flashburn and prevention methods.

Tone: Actuality / Language: English

Key Training Points: causes - eye protection - screens


T125 - All Washed Up - Eyewash Kits

A secondary line of defense in the workplace is emergency shower and eyewash units. Learn how and when to use them.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: placement - use - types


T270 - Lasers

When Luke Skywalker battled the forces of evil, his most "Forceful" weapon was the "Light Saber" a powerful, focused beam of light. Today, lasers are virtually everywhere. Find out how to safely work with lasers.

Tone: Humorous / Language: English / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: type - classifications - precautions


T317 3-D Eye Injuries

Having trouble keeping your employees attention in a training session? Not with this video! ìEye Injuries 3-Dî will bring your employees right into the action. They will actually see what itís like to have airborne objects hurled into their eyes. This video is a must have for every safety

video library and is guaranteed to be remembered for years to come!

Tone: Actuality / Language: English

Key Training Points: protective gear types - conditions of use - importance of use

T318 3-D Eye Injuries - Graphic Version

Graphic version includes gory eye surgery ending!

3-D Glasses - Bundles of 25 - $10.00

Important: When ordering Eye Injuries - 3-D please include the number of 3-D glass bundles to the side of the video order number. Example T317 - 5 would include 5 bundles of 25, or 125 3-D glasses.


Every day, approximately 1,000 eye injuries occur in America's workplaces. It's estimated that 90 percent of these could be avoided with proper eye protection. Graphic recreations of workplace incidents remind viewers that without protection, they could lose their eyesight in an instant.

Tone: Graphic / Language - English

Key Training Points: Cause of eye injuries - Types of eye injuries - Eye protection and proper use - Safe work practices