Category: Hand Safety

(see also Ergonomics)

T083 - A-OK Finger Safety

Finger injuries, even minor ones can impair the ability to work productively. Workers are reminded that with proper gloves and a little safety awareness, finger injuries can be avoided.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish

Key Training Points: awareness - gloves - jewelry - using fingers as sensors

T340 - Hand Safety

When you're on the job, your hands are on the job too. Yet every year, millions of people suffer serious hand injuries because they expose their hands to various workplace hazards. To minimize the risk of injuries, it's important to recognize hazards, follow safe work practices, and use protective equipment appropriate for the task you are performing.

Tone: Graphic Language: English

Key Training Points: Cause of hand injuries - Proper use of hand tools - Working with equipment and machinery - Personal protective devices



Your hands are your most valuable tools. Yet too often, workers take their hands for granted and fail to protect them properly. You can help prevent hand injuries by wearing appropriate protective gloves.

Tone - Graphic / Language - English

Key Training Points: Causes of hand injuries - Types of protective gloves - Selection and proper use of PPE