Category: Hearing Conservation


T109 - Sorry, I Didn't Hear That - Hearing Conservation

Work site noises can impair hearing. The threat of noise pollution is no longer a joke. This video examines how severe the threat is and how to prevent injury by the use of protective equipment.

Tone: Drama / Language: English, Spanish / Caption: Open

Key Training Points: volume levels - exposure limits - protective devices


T307 - Now Hear This

Exposure to excessive noise may damage hearing. In fact, occupationally-induced hearing loss is one of the leading occupational illnesses in the United States. When workplace noise equals or exceeds safe levels, employees are required to wear hearing protection to limit exposure.

Tone: Drama / Language: English

Key Training Points: Excessive noise - dangerous noise levels - protection


T309 - Hearing Protection Devices

Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can cause permanent hearing damage. Once that damage occurs, it's irreversible. To reduce exposure to hazardous noise levels, always wear a hearing protection device (HPD). Make sure the HPD is fitted properly, and is appropriate for the noise hazard you face. Know the limitations of the HPD, as well as procedures for proper use and care.

Tone: Drama / Language: English

Key Training Points: Hearing protection devices - choosing appropriate hearing protection device - maintenance