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that will produce results without costing you a lot of time or money!

Safety Shorts is a leading industrial safety, health and environmental training video producer. They are the innovator of the short 5-7 minute training concept. The logic behind this training technique lies behind the limited attention span of the average adult. By relaying information in a quick to-the-point presentation the key message that may otherwise be lost is better retained.

In addition, Safety Shorts produces a product designed to grab your employees attention. Their videos range from humorous, dramatic, actuality and graphic recreations and are each celebrity narrated. This is done to capture the interest of your employees while keeping their undivided attention throughout the training session.

The result is an inexpensive and time efficient product that has helped clients reduce accident rates by as much as 90%. The greatest success being obtained by those subscribing to one of three custom video subscription services. Weekly subscribers are particularly successful with most experiencing moderate to dramatic reductions in accident rates. This program is so successful that Safety Shorts actually guarantees subscribers success or their money back! These factors set Safety Shorts aside from any other training video producer.

Over 300 video titles
Available individually or through a guaranteed accident reduction program Short format saves time & money while increasing information retention levels
Can be used individually or combined for in-depth training
6 language selections including opened captioning for the hearing impaired and over 120 Spanish titles
Celebrity narrated by actors Claude Akins & James Drury
Award winning production quality
30 day unconditional product guarantees
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